Signs that you have a high IQ

By category | 2018-10-30 | IQ News

Left hander, humorous, staying up late and breastfed are all signs that you are smart with higher IQ than normal people. Scientists have argued for decades about why people are smart. Now, INC magazine has gathered 10 characteristics to prove you are a genius.

1. You are oldest brother

First children receive full attention of their parents during the first year. When they have younger brother or sister , they become "teacher", so they are learning structure of knowledge and promoting intelligence. Researching of over 250,000 Norwegian teenagers aged from 18 to 19 years old that older brothers and sisters had an average IQ of 2.3 points higher than theirs.

2. You are thin

beautiful body is a sign that you have a high IQ
Researching from French, thin people remember better than fat people. For example,  volunteer groups with a BMI of 20 or below remembered 56% of the vocabulary of the test, while those with a BMI of 30 or more were able to remember only 44%. Five years later, the completion rate of the high BMI group dropped to 37.5% while the other group did not change when they test again.

3. Left Hander

left hander
Left-handed  are not only well-versed but also versatile,  good at skill in space and  creative, researchers from the University of Athens (Greece) conclude.

4. You are humorous

A researching showed that comedienne always scored higher than average on the IQ tests. Specifically, the comedian's IQ scores around 126 (female) and 138 (male) while normal people is 90-100 in the 1970s. Humorous has been shown to be associated with creativity, ability to speak and attract.

5.You are tall

Scientists from Princeton University (USA) found that people 1.80 meters who can earn more money than people 1.65 meters by more intelligence.

6.You Stay up Late

Researching by the University of Madrid (Spain) indicates that people who stay up late have higher IQs, earn more money and have a better life than those who sleep early, get up early.

7. You are coward

According to The Gifted Development Center, 60% of smart kids look at inward and 75% IQs more 160 are shameful.

8.  You breastfed

Brazilian scientists followed  6,000 children from born  to 30 years old and found that  breastfed babies grew smart, successful and rich.

9. Your inquisitiveness

Researching by Harvard University (USA) shows that curious people often arise many unique ideas and learn a lot of knowledge.

10. You do not believe in religion

Psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa (Japan) affirmed atheism associated with high IQ. It is hard to possess all these characteristics. Therefore, you do not hurry to think that I am not smart because you do not have 1.8 m, right-handed and not funny.