Human intelligence is falling?

By category | 2019-03-25 | IQ News

Today I want to share with you a story about Prof. James Flynn. (University of Otago, New Zealand).

What he discovered turned IQ research on its head and became known as the flynn effect. All throughout the 20th century, we can trace that each generation is scoring higher than its predecessor. That is average person on Ravens is by definition a hundred. The average person in 1900 scored against current norms would have been somewhere between fifty and seventy. Trolling through huge quantities of raw data Flynn noticed that IQ scores have risen on average by about three points per decade. He also found that the rise for blacks Americans was even faster the IQ gap between blacks and white was actually closing. Blacks have gained at a faster rate than whites since world war II certainly. Whites have been gaining something under three tenths of a point a year and blacks at about 4.45 points a year in other words.
Black have been gaining about 50% faster during that period. Now does that prove that the difference between the two isn't genetic. It certainly shows that differences is great as the IQ gap can be closed environmentally. Flynn's explanation isn't that we're getting smarter all that our ancestors were dumber. The fundamental difference he say is that our great-grandparents had learned how to manipulate the world practically. but we've learned how to classify it intellectually. If they were asked to explain the relationship between a dog and a rabbit. They are likely to have said that one chases the other. We're more likely to say they're both mammals. Flynn believes that in the last half century, we have undergone a profound change in the way we think, a change that few of us are even aware of. He called it the cognitive revolution. Sin the end of World War II.
 Our everyday lives have become ever more dominated by the need to think in abstract categories. The explosive growth of science and technology in the workplace at home and in our school requires that we sort our world by conceptualizing it in essence. we view the world through what Flynn calls scientific spectacles. Now it so happens that this kind of is exactly. What's required to do well in an IQ test which means we can give a fairly precise definition of what IQ test measure.  They give a score not for intelligence as such but our adaptation to modernity.

In the 21st century, there have been studies that indicate the Flynn effect may have ended. The Flynn effect has not only ended, but that there is actually a decrease in the average IQ scores.

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