How to pass the Mensa exam?

By category | 2019-05-02 | IQ News

Unlike the regular subject exams, Mensa's entrance exam requires IQ, so There are no plans for measures.
Therefore, We can overcome if we read such a book. We can pass if we can solve such problems

There is no such winning method. However, there are many ways to increase the probability of passing. That is your own IQ. It is doing tests in conditions that can be proven to the maximum.

For example, your head is working well, If you feel unwell, it's hard to prove it. Also, if your stomach is full and you feel sleepy

This will also make your head work slowly. Moreover, you are wearing clothes that you are uncomfortable with when you wear uncomfortable shoes. There is also the possibility that this cannot be focused. Such factors inhibit the best conditions. First of all, be thoroughly eliminated. It would be better to work from these places.

Many people, of course, are Mensa entrance exams. Also at the time of testing different qualifications. There is less stress at the college and high school exams. "Because there's no next time ..." Potential security awareness

Even the intention to put the best conditions. There are things that can inhibit it. That's why that's ... not stupid

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