6 Ways To Cure Depression Without Medication

By category | 2018-10-15 | Depression News

In modern society, depression is a very dangerous psychological disorder that affects almost every age, regardless of gender, health status or social status. Stress and anxiety can produce both physical and psychological symptoms. Experiencing  psychological shocks and a long string of traumatic events can become depressed. Treatment takes a long-term process that requires a lot of effort from the patient. However, there are a number of simple, no-drug treatment that are easy to take when you see the sign of depression. 

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1. Think positively

"The root of all action is thinking." - Ralph Waldo Emerson (American poet, philosopher)
If you feel that life is overwhelmed by pressures that make you feel self-deprecating and pessimistic, then re-arrange, spend more time on yourself. Practice handling with stress by deep breathing. Read the book of optimistic and beautiful life. Or experience new things, open your heart to everyone, do not lock yourself in the dark and let the frustration take over your thoughts and feelings.

2. Adjust your daily routine and work

"Changing lifestyle is a long way to go for happiness." - Nicholas R. Forand (Ph.D., psychologist at Wexner University Medical Center, Columbus, US)
Laughter is an effective remedy for all kinds of illnesses. Laughing more will help cheer the spirit up and also spread the effect to the people around, help improve relationships. In addition, the positive environment creates gratitude, improves mood and enhances the meaning of life.

working depression


3. Limited access to technology equipment

Social interaction is very important for people who are showing signs of depression. Do not let yourself be immersed in the virtual world and let the phone and the computer control your real life. Over time, digital devices will make you psychologically afraid to communicate, talk less and capture yourself with the virtual world, this is one of the causes of depression. Use smart devices wisely. If you do not really need them for work reasons, put it down and focus on real relationships, real experiences.

limited use smartphone
Do not let technology control your life

4. Eat Healthy, Get Enough Sleep

Planning to have good  eating meals  which is  a good idea to make you overeat, getting in control of your eating will help you feel better. Try to eat more omega-3 fatty acids such as salmon or tuna, folic acid such as spinach and butter, which have a very positive effect on depression.
For sleeping, go to bed and get up at the same time every day and try to put electronic equidments away from at least 2m when sleeping. If you have trouble about sleeping, try to use lotus seeds, lotus root, green beans, tomato juice, etc. In first time may be difficult to creat your habit, but keep your persistence, that's all you need to do with depression! 

5. Do more execrisce 

 More Take care your attention. A good appearance will help you more confident  . Besides you can do more exercise in the morning , Gym exercise , dancing , or any sport excersice such as :swimming or badminton.  Do Exercise will produce endocrine hormones that make the brain feel happy, creative, confident.

6. Traditional Medicine Treatments


Scientists found a strong connection between the nervous system and muscular activity. When the mind is anxious, unstable, the organs are disturbed and muscles are vulnerable. Therefore, helping to relax the nerves will reduce the pressure of the muscles, relax the body to treat depression effectively. Perform sequential movements after each stress:
 + Swish warm ear: Using your finger and thumb along the ears, from top to bottom, about 21 times, warm ear and blood circulation.
+ Swipe along the brow of the eyebrows: Use two  fingers  from the tip of the eyebrow along the bone tissue to the outside of the eye.
+ Swipe along the sides of the nose: Use two fingers to claw the sides of the nose, from the point between your brows through the nose and corners to the corner of the chin.
+ Day pressure on the line: use a finger to slightly press on the center of the eyebrow for a few seconds, day in a circle around this point about 21 rounds, have analgesic and sedative effect.
+ Deep breathing: Finally, put yourself comfortably on the couch or lie down on the bed, resting in a quiet, cool place.
One of the most important elements in stopping and treating depression is  removing depressed mood. Change of mind is the optimism, motivation to  start acting. Some changes in thought and action, combined with simple therapies, depression will never be a worry again.